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Your corner store for Mac apps

Welcome to Bodega, the world’s most innovative way to discover and obtain the hottest and latest applications for your Mac. Bodega is like a storefront right on your Mac’s desktop, one that’s chock-full of software apps from Mac developers around the world.

Just download and install the Bodega app, and you have access to an ever-growing catalog of software to meet your every computing need. Here are a few highlights of what Bodega can do:

With Bodega, all the latest and hottest applications for your Mac are just a mouse click away. Easily and intuitively discover new applications, download and buy applications right from your desktop, keep applications up-to-date, get Mac-centric news, and so much more. Bodega is a treasure trove of Mac goodies. And best of all, it's a free download. Download your copy today.
Powerful and Intuitive Search

Bodega makes it a breeze to find the app or solution you're looking for. Bodega’s powerful onboard search engine will have you breezing through its extensive software offerings with ease.

Browsing Made Simple

With Bodega’s intuitive interface, you’ll effortlessly discover the latest Mac apps from the hottest developers. Bodega even provides info on its most downloaded and top-rated Mac apps from around the Web.

Your Opinion Matters

With Bodega, you can check out what other users have to say about the applications they’ve downloaded. And you too can submit reviews of the applications you download.

The Latest News

The Mac industry is a beehive of activity, and Bodega easily keeps you abreast of all the latest news and happenings. In conjunction with the renowned Apple- and Mac-centric website, The Loop, you’ll receive the most current news right on your desktop, all from within the Bodega interface.

Bodega not only lets you download and buy applications for your Mac, it also keeps your applications up-to-date. Bodega automatically checks the versions of apps installed on your Mac. If you have apps that are out-of-date and contained within Bodega, Bodega will download the update and even automatically install it for you. What could be easier?
Stay Up-to-Date

Traditionally, it’s a hassle keeping your software current, not to mention time consuming. Bodega makes the process painless by automatically checking the apps on your hard drive, and then ensuring you have the latest versions installed on your Mac. If you have an app that’s out of date and in the Bodega catalog, Bodega conveniently downloads and even installs the update for you. What could be simpler?

Buy Direct

Find something in Bodega you’d like to purchase? No problem. Just click the “Buy Now” button and all from within its interface, Bodega launches the developer’s Website so you can make your purchase. No launching browsers, no searching for a purchase location, no hassles. With Bodega, buying the applications you want is seamless … easy … intuitive … convenient. Just the way it should be.

Safe and Secure

Bodega automatically saves a receipt of each application you buy through Bodega. What’s more, it stores the registration numbers of purchased apps. No more countless hours trying to track down lost or misplaced registration codes. Bodega keeps them all safe, sound, and secure.